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The Oklahoma State Pension Commission has no responsibility or regulation regarding private pension plans --  it's sole responsibility is oversight of the state's pension systems' investments.  If you have questions regarding your private pension plan, the following federal sites provide information regarding your benefit rights.

Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration (formerly EBSA)

Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration (PWBA)  The PWBA protects the integrity of pensions, health plans, and other employee benefits for more than 150 million people. The agency mission is to:

  • assist workers in getting the information they need to protect their benefit rights,
  • assist plan officials to understand the requirements of the relevant statutes in order to meet their legal responsibilities,
  • develop policies and laws that encourage the growth of employment-based benefits, and
  • deter and correct violations of the relevant statutes.


The ERISA Advisory Council Working Group Reports The purpose of the working group is to identify and define subject issues, to investigate, to take testimony from witnesses, and to submit a final or interim report of findings and recommendation to the Council for approval.

The working group studies testimony received and deliberations that took place on various issues during the Council year. Meetings of the working groups and reporting to the Council of progress made continues until early November of each year. Near the end of the Council term, members of the working group maybe requested to summarize witness testimonies and deliberations of the group in preparation of a final report of findings and recommendations to the Council.

November 14 signals the end of the Council term. The working groups present their final or preliminary findings and recommendations to the full Council at the Council's final meeting of the year. The Council discusses each working group report, accepts by vote as presented or with modifications.

The final act the Council term is when the Council Chair, in a letter to the Secretary of Labor, transmits the working groups' reports as accepted by the Council. 

For additional information, please contact: 

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